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Angelo Barovier: its importance in the Murano glass tradition

Murano, located in the Venice Lagoon, is known all over the world for its glass manufacturing. We are talking about an activity carried out in the center of Murano since the early 300s, when Venice, active in the production of glass, established the transfer of the production workshops from the historic center of Venice to the territory belonging to the Murano area.

It was a necessary choice. The laboratories, working with delicate materials and tools, were there cause of fires and accidents of various nature, so as to force the Republic of Venice to relocate them within Murano.

Even today the Murano glass it is considered a real excellence. In fact, since 1994, one regional law of the Veneto Region (Law no. 70 of 1994) established the institution of the "Murano Artistic Glass Brand“, To be applied on all those glass products made by manufacturers of Murano glass.

Tracing the entire history of Murano glass masters is not easy, especially if you consider that some of the glass production activities still exist. In the history of the Venetian Lagoon, however, there is a name that, linked to the production of glass products, stands out more than the others: the name of Angelo Barovier.

Barovier was undoubtedly the best known master glassmaker in Venice, coming from a family with a long tradition in glassmaking. His merit, however, which allowed him to stand out more than the other members of his family tree, was that of "grafting" the taste for the classical tradition into extremely original glass objects, endowed with a strong artistic identity and made with remarkable creative spirit.

In this regard, let's review some fundamental aspects of his meager biography, so as to understand how, through his activity, Barovier was able to influence the Venetian tradition of glass processing.

Angelo Barovier: the fame of the most famous master glassmaker

Di Angelo Barovier it is known that he was born in Venice, although there is no certain information regarding the date of birth.

What is certain, as previously announced, is that it comes from a family of well-known glass workers. The Barovier family, perhaps originally from the Treviso area, seem to have settled near Murano starting at the end of the 200th century, at the time of the transfer of the glass workshops from Venice to the small Murano lagoon area.

The settlement of the Barovier in Murano, therefore, almost coincided with the affirmation of the town as a leader in glass processing, which favored the growth of the fame of the Treviso family.

As for Angelo, the best known of the Barovier, he was the son of Jacopo, in turn the son of Bartolomeo. The latter, Angelo's grandfather, was one of Jacobello's two sons, the oldest known Barovier, presumably born at the end of 1200.

In an atmosphere of great fervor, therefore, marked by the change in glass production methods (from the center of the Republic to the Murano area), Angelo established himself as one of the best glass masters in circulation, if not the best: the sources of era describe it as a "great producer of crystalline vessels".

As evidence of his ability to work glass, a document produced around 1455 established that Barovier had the right to exclusively produce extremely clear glass, clean and transparent, adopting a technique that he himself had developed thanks to his inventiveness.

It is not clear whether Barovier's hand is among the best objects produced in Murano, which have come down to us in the form of fifteenth-century goblets and goblets. What is certain is that the pieces that are preserved today in medieval museums, as in the case of the blue glass goblet in Bologna, are conceived with an extraordinary workmanship, rich in details and with a strong artistic identity.

Murano and glass products: our catalog

Although centuries have passed, Barovier's fame remained unchanged. Its merit, as mentioned, was that of having been able to blend Venetian craftsmanship with art, giving life to unique products that have become a source of inspiration for subsequent master glassmakers.

Even today, in fact, it is possible to recognize the influence of Barovier in products made by companies operating in the Murano area.

To get a better idea of ​​this, take it as an example our catalog. We at GV Oggettistica We have been collaborating for more than a decade with the most successful glass masters of Murano, a collaboration that has given rise to the exclusive trade of glass products of exceptional value.

Going into detail, the catalog features the most varied glass products. An example is given by paperweight: useful as ornaments, in order to guarantee order on shelves, tables and sideboards, the glass paperweights are designed in an original way and with rounded lines, as well as with elegant symmetrical decorations to embellish the structure of the objects.

Even more original are the famous ones bottles in glass. Made in different shapes, the Murano glass bottles combine the typical design of the lagoon products with the functional needs of the object. In this case, we are faced with articles characterized by atypical shapes, developed upwards and equipped with imaginative colors. In short, the best glass at the service of real artistic products.

Impossible not to take i glasses and goblets present in the catalog. The goblets, as already noted above, are one of the most produced items in the history of Venetian glass production (the presumed handcrafted objects of Barovier are a striking example), by virtue of their shapes and the possibility of decorating their surfaces. with greater simplicity.

Other objects in the catalog: from vases to sculptures

Our catalog also features several surprises. This is the case of the vases and bowls, items that, together with the glasses, represent the essence of the glass production of the Venetian Lagoon.

Vases, cups and glasses were the favorite objects of the Venetian glass workers. The rounded shapes and sinuous lines allowed (and still allow) to work on style in an original way, giving life to unique shapes and playing with the aesthetics of the products. From this point of view, we have different vases made in the most varied shapes, taking up vintage design or preferring the modern style.

Particularly interesting are also the centerpieces, which, in a very similar way to the paperweights (albeit with a more evident decorative function), are useful for storing sweets or other objects in the middle of tables and coffee tables. Also in this case, of course, we find the round and irregular lines, in perfect Murano style.

And what about the art objects in the catalog? To ensure a complete and satisfactory offer, our shop has also proposed to sell original products made exclusively for artistic purposes, and therefore to be placed on display in shop windows and shelves. From sculptures to ceramics, passing through elegant bas-reliefs, our catalog will be able to fully satisfy even the most difficult customer requests.

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