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Masters of Murano



A.VE.M. (Arte Vetraria Muranese), born in the 1932 from the collaboration of the master Antonio Ferro with his sons Egidio and Ottone, of Galliano Ferro and Emilio Nason. The first production of objects is designed, in part, by the designer Vittorio Zecchin, and is characterized by the lightness of the forms. Over the years, the glass factory has adapted to the new demands of the market, which prefer thick materials such as Pulegoso glass, or figures in solid glass ...

Alfier Glasstudio

AlfierGlasstudio born in the 2006 from the collaboration between Maurizio Alfier e Manuela MilanThe idea is to propose a meeting point between Murano glass tradition e new styles modern and contemporary. The production focuses on Paperweight Plates centerpieces ...

Ballarin Angelo

spotted Murano glass vase

The family activity was born in the 1956 through the collaboration of the brothers Francesco e Mario BallarinThe two brothers dedicate their entire careers to creating handmade glass objects, using the ancient techniques handed down over the centuries. Their works were the result of the use of various processing techniques, such as: grinding, engraving and glass blowing that gave rise to unique artistic works. Currently the activity is carried out by Mario's son, Angelo Ballarin ...

Barbini Alfredo


barbini Alfredo incalmo vase in murano glass

Alfredo Barbini born in 1912 and is today considered one of the most prestigious masters of the twentieth century. From an early age he took the road of blown glass processing; first at the Zecchin Martinuzzi glassworks (1932 - 1936) where he learned the technique of working solid glass from the sculptor Napoleone Martinuzzi, then at VAMSA glassware ...

Cortella & Ballarin

Cortella & Ballarin glassware was founded in 1982 by the passion of the three partners. L'ancient lamp technique is used for the realization of their works. Their objects are the result of great experience and skill and their production ranges from glasses to goblets up to furnishing and gift items.

Costantini Sergio

Murano glass lovers sculptureMaestro Costantini is dedicated in brightly colored sculptures and vases ...

D'Este Achille

muano glass aquarium

D'este Achille was born in Burano in 1961, here he spent his childhood among fishermen and brightly colored houses. At 11 he began working glass where he learned the technique from the famous master Rodolfo Morucchio. During the following years he worked for many furnaces and acquired many different processing techniques (Schiavon, Ferro & Lazzarini, Livio Seguso) ...

D'Este & Zane

unique murano glass vase

D'Este and Zane Art Glass born in the 1965 with the name of its founder Pacifico D'Este Vetreria. The first artistic production of the master Mirco Pacifico is oriented on classical Venetian style with classic subjects such as goblets, figurines and style chandeliers. In 1995, after the death of the master Mirco, the sons Davide and Fabiano continue the family business, passing on the techniques learned from their father ...

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