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How to become a master glassmaker

There are professions that never fade, in spite of the passing of time and the advancement of technologies; among these we find the glass masters. A glassmaker is a craftsman, or rather an artist, specialized in glass processing. Being a glassmaker therefore means knowing how to cut, temper, finish, shape and assemble glass. Sara […]

How to recognize Murano glass

The excellence of Murano glass is known and recognized not only in Italy, but in all parts of the world. Unfortunately, the authentic handcrafted creations made with great passion by Murano glass masters are also the subject of numerous imitations, some of which are also quite deceptive for an untrained eye. For this reason, in phase [...]

Modern furnishing ideas in Murano glass

Murano glass is one of the characteristic symbols of our country: all the artifacts produced by glass masters contain the essence of made in Italy and represent the passion and dedication that only artisans can put into their works. Wandering through the streets of Murano it is customary to see shops that show [...]

The largest Murano glass exhibitions in the world

There is no better word than art to describe the glass production that comes to life in Murano, a small Italian center located north-east of Venice and populating the islands of the Venetian Lagoon with just over four thousand inhabitants. From these islands a kind of magic is born that has been going on for hundreds [...]

The great glass masters of Murano

The historic Murano glass factories open their doors to witness the craftsmanship of the glass masters and see a work of art come to life. The great glass masters who currently work in the most famous Murano glass factories learned the techniques of glass processing at a very young age, around the age of twelve, learning every secret [...]

How murano glass is colored

When you think of Murano glass, the first thing that comes to mind are all those wonderful hand-made objects in blown glass. It is a long tradition of handcrafted products that represent a flagship of Made in Italy in the world and is an ancient art handed down over the centuries, from father to [...]

Murano glass bottle

Luxury furniture with Murano glass

What distinguishes a luxurious house from an ordinary one? Certainly the attention to detail, but not only. It is often very useful to rely on an interior designer who can recommend furnishing accessories in line with the latest trends and able to add notes of elegance to the rooms. Many times, however, it is enough simply to follow one's own [...]

Murano glass goblet

How to store Murano glass glasses

Murano glass glasses are appreciated all over the world for their extraordinary beauty and elegance, and the ability to make every table even more refined and refined. However, since this is a material that is not particularly porous, non-deformable, and therefore delicate, it must always be handled and stored with the utmost care and attention. [...]

How to tell if it is real Murano glass

How to understand when we are in front of an authentic piece of Murano? Are there systems that protect against the purchase of non-original products? It doesn't matter if it's a small object, like a vase, or a large chandelier. In all cases, Murano glass products represent works of art with particular [...]

Antique Murano glass vases: unique collectible pieces

Always a crossroads of markets, products and cultures, Venice in the past connected the West and the East, making sure that distant peoples could get to know each other and appreciate what was good on the market. In this bustle of products, Venice becomes the fulcrum of one of them: glass. The strategic position, both from the point of [...]

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